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BW4BE Announces Endorsement for RON SOFO!

Ron Sofo was honored to receive the news, Black Women for Better Education political action committee (PAC) has voted to endorse his campaign for the Pittsburg Public School board. PAC thanked Ron for pursuing their endorsement and for centering the needs of black children in his campaign.

BW4BE ultimate goal is to dismantle systems that perpetuate racism and oppression in and around the school district.

On Wednesday January 11th, 2023 Black Women for a Better Education political action group committee (PAC) held an endorsement meeting for the Pittsburg Public Schools Board of Directors. The meeting was open to all candidates who expressed an interest in running for Public School Board. All the candidates who sought endorsement from BW4BE were asked to compete a candidate questionnaire, and to share their priorities for how they will improve the Pittsburg Public School Board. The candidates also answered questions from the members.

Following he meeting, the committee extended their congratulations to the three successful candidates who earned BW4BE's endorsement.

District 2 - Ron Sofo

District 4 - Yael Silk

District 8 - Dwayne Barker

You can support their pathway to victory by contributing to PAC

Ron looks forward to working closely together with BW4BE and thanks them for their support!

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