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Black Women for Better Education - Our Story

BW4BE is a laser focused on ensuring that all Black children in the Pittsburgh region receive the high-quality education they deserve. According to the A+Schools 2022 report to the community "65% of Black students attend schools where the concentrations of poverty are 70% or higher, compared to 33% of White students". This racial and economic segregation, paired with the disproportionate allocation of resources among schools, further perpetuates disparities that have existed for decades.

In our refusal to fail another generation of young people, BE4BE formed a PAC to support candidates for school board who will lead with courage and center the needs of Black students. We look for candidates who are willing to challenge racism, dysfunction and ineffective policies and practices, as well as collaborate with others, build partnerships, and bring all voices to the table to create meaningful change. We are dissatisfied with the status quo and understand that progress will require meaningful reform. We demand something better because our kids deserve better.

BW4BE is a coalition of Black women PPS parents, alumni, former employees, retirees, and concerned community members committed to ensuring that all black children in the region receive high quality education they deserve. The group started meeting in May 2020 out of frustration with the district's response to COVID-19 and the subpar remote learning rollout, which is rooted in a number of organizational inadequacies and shortcomings.

Black Women for Better Education's ultimate goal is to dismantle systems that perpetuate racism and oppression in and around the school district.

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