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Meet BW4BE's Full Pittsburgh Public Schools Slate

Updated: Feb 11

Black Women for Better Education are pleased to announce its next slate of endorsed candidates for the Pittsburgh Public School Board of Directors

  • District 2 : Ron Sofo

  • District 4 : Yael Silk

  • District 8 : Dwayne Barker

Our Political action committee PAC held an endorsement meeting for the Pittsburgh Public School Board of Directors on Monday, 11th January. This meeting was open to all candidates that expressed interest in running for PPS school board. The three people who sought our endorsement completed a candidate questionnaire, shared their priorities for PPS, and answered questions from our membership.

We are confident that these candidates will challenge racism, dysfunction, and ineffective policies and practices as well as collaborative with others, build partnerships, and bring all voices to the table to create meaningful change.

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